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  • Laugh It Off
    I have a short article about the (possible) health effects of laughter in the February 2011 issue of Yoga Journal.
  • Optimism 2.0
    How an optimistic outlook can help improve your state of health, not just your state of mind. Cover story, Ode, September 2010
  • Medicinal Mirth: The Health Benefits of Laughter
    Readers seemed to enjoy this article. Writing it? A great time!
  • On Veg Alone
    Are there really health benefits to a vegetarian lifestyle? Westchester Magazine, November 2008
  • Quiet, Please!
    My article in the July 2008 issue of Ode on the health effects of noise.
  • Retirement: Keep Healthy
    Published in the June 23, 2008 issue of Barron's, some scribbles and good advice on aging healthfully.
  • Not the Same Old Drive-thru
    The meat is raised naturally; the packaging is recycled; the ovens use renewable power. New green fast-food chains are serving up burgers and fries to feel good about. ...My article on healthier, greener fast food is the cover story for the April 2008 issue of Ode magazine. This was great fun--and a bit fattening--to research!


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February 23, 2012


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